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Educated as an architectural designer and artist, Ed has over 20 years of experience working in the Boston design community. His strong design and visualization instincts earned him the position of senior associate at Arrowstreet, and he is a founding member of Arrowstreet Graphic Design. His professional interests include all aspects of architectural and graphic design, though his primary focus is on photography and illustration. Whether interpreting the work of others through a photograph or illustrating an entirely new idea from scratch, Ed excels at creating visuals that best depict each client’s ideas, concepts, and goals. Drawing upon his fine art background and extensive architectural and graphic design expertise, Ed creates engaging illustrations and photographs under real-world deadlines, constraints, and budgets. Clients use these images to facilitate the design process, quickly communicate complex ideas, gain recognition, and generate extraordinary marketing materials. Ed also maintains a successful freelance architectural photography and illustration practice, Ed Wonsek ArtWorks. He is a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and was a candidate for a Master of Architecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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