Our Studio’s Functional Art

Design Inspiration Studio

As part of our furniture acquisition for our new office, we decided to incorporate a bit of our culture, our sketches, and our connection to a special client…all while creating functional, one-of-a-kind furniture for our kitchen café…

Welcome to The Dark Side of the Moon


When reading a recent article on DesignBoom, I was reminded of an in-house competition held at the new Arrowstreet studio to name our conference rooms. The article covers how the Spanish graphic design studio, Tata&Friends, created a series of posters called Rock Band Icons, which graphically represent famous rock bands with black line symbols on a bright yellow background. Viewers are invited to see if they can name the band based on cleverly grouped pictograms…

The New Neighborhood Has Spoken


George Tremblay lent me his copy of the book, The Architecture of Happiness by Alain de Botton. In it, the author writes, “In a more encompassing suggestion, John Ruskin proposed that we seek two things in our buildings. We want them to shelter us. And we want them to speak to us – to speak to us of whatever we find important and need to be reminded of.”

Snapshot Inside Our Studio


Since moving into our studio in Post Office Square in February, we have been settling into our new space. The office design better accommodates the working style of our studio, with open site lines and work areas, and plenty of communal work spaces to accommodate collaboration and full plan sets. Our conference rooms especially have been teaming with activity, as the views have been helpful to some of our clients as they meet with business partners to discuss their projects. If you haven’t been by, we hope to see you soon.

Sneak Peek at Arrowstreet’s New Office


We have been lucky enough to host many friends of the firm over the last two weeks in our new space. For those of you who haven’t yet had a chance to visit, we took a couple of photos so you can get an idea of where we work…

We’ve Arrived in Post Office Square

If you're on our mailing list, you'll be receiving this card noting our new address.
If you're on our mailing list, you'll be receiving this card noting our new address.

After much anticipation, Arrowstreet has landed in our new office in Post Office Square. The Arrowstreet team banded together and successfully transferred all of our drawings, files, technology, and creative energy to our new space. We’ve made a quick transition and are back at work making things happen for our clients. We have some exciting new work we’re starting on as we ramp up in the new space – including a major project we’ll have a birds-eye view of from our office. We’re looking forward to hosting meetings with our clients and business associates in the coming weeks. Follow our blog for photos of our office (once all of the boxes are gone), and updates on what we’re up to.

Our Firm’s State of the Union


In a week that marked the State of the Union addresses for both our state and country, I thought it a good time to share a similar status update for Arrowstreet. As we’ve mentioned on this blog before, Arrowstreet is relocating our architectural practice to the heart of downtown Boston in a little over a week now…

Check out Our New View!

Inspiration Studio

While visiting our soon-to-be office, I snapped some photos of the beautiful views we’ll have from the new space. We’re excited to be a part of the Post Office Square neighborhood.

Workspaces to Reflect the Way We Work Today

Design Studio

It’s undeniable that people don’t work the same way today as they did ten years ago. Between our ever-expanding technological capabilities and the increasingly significant role of collaboration in the workplace, the office designs of ten years ago are simply becoming less and less supportive of today’s needs. What does this mean? It means that office and workstation design is shifting—cube farms and private offices are going by the wayside as companies favor open floor plans and benched or L-shaped workstations that foster employee communication…

Arrowstreet Moving to Post Office Square

Design Studio

Here is our press release on our upcoming move to PO Square! We are all excited about the new location, and plan to share more about what the new space will look like as plans develop…