Boston Public Library New Wayfinding: Unveiled


Please join us on Monday, June 16 at 5:30 to learn about the new wayfinding program we’ve been working on for the BPL. I will be speaking with Bob Lowe and Nathan Hall of APCO Signs. The event is being hosted by SEGD Boston and will include a tour of the new wayfinding program, as well as the amazing art & architecture at the Boston Public Library’s Central Library in historic Copley Square. This event is free and open to the public.

East Boston Public Library
in the Globe


If you read the Sunday edition of the Boston Globe this past weekend, you may have come across the article about the new East Boston branch of the Boston Public Library. Arrowstreet Graphic Design served as the environmental graphics consultant to William Rawn Associates. We designed the engraved pavers, mentioned in the article, along with the interpretive panels in the library’s stormwater garden. I attended the opening of the library with my family this past November where my son examined the finished product. Thankfully, it passed inspection.

Sea Glass Mural Again in the Globe


Our work was profiled again recently in the Boston Globe (link to article). As mentioned previously, it’s great to look  back on a successful project and see that it has become iconic to the local area… at least when discussing the weather. Hand-pieced together a few years back from over 900 pounds of sea glass, the mural continues to enliven the windows at 255 State Street.

Dwiggins Marionettes
at the BPL


Earlier this year, our graphic design studio was awarded the comprehensive wayfinding project for the Copley Square branch of the Boston Public Library. It’s a terrific project and really an amazing place to wander and explore. In our orientation to the two historic buildings and our subsequent site visits (for programming and analysis), we discovered quite a few unusual spaces. One of these spaces is home to the Dwiggins Collection…

Yulia Brodskaya’s Papergraphics


In my constant search for new forms of inspiration, I recently came across the artist Yulia Brodskaya who creates innovative papergraphics using thin strips of paper to make intricate, mesmerizing illustrations—a process also known as quilling….

Clash Detection at
85 South Service Road

Construction People
Rendering of structural steel and lobby curtainwall frame fabrication models.
Rendering of structural steel and lobby curtainwall frame fabrication models.

As part of the shop drawing review process for the 85 South Service Road project on Long Island, I’ve been running clash detection between the structural steel and the aluminum curtainwall fabrication models…

New Graphics at the Seaport World Trade Center


Over the past year, Bob Lowe and I have been working with Pembroke Real Estate on a new environmental graphics program for the Seaport World Trade Center. In addition to other changes happening around Seaport Place, Pembroke Real Estate wanted to breathe some new life into the 98 year old building. Along with new banners, awnings and tenant signage, the heart of the program will include nods to the pier’s rich history…

Re-Imagining Urban Retail


For about six years now, we’ve been working with real estate brokers and building owners as an integral member of their successful leasing and sales campaigns. Most often, our clients want to show prospective tenants how their brand could be envisioned within the space they are leasing. The concepts and photo-illustrations we create explore the potential in retail locations and help everyone involved see how dynamic a space can really be.

It is a process that we fell into when our friends at Cushman & Wakefield in New York asked us for retail advice. The photo-illustrations combine our knowledge and experience in architecture, retail, illustration and graphic design and are just fun to produce…

Designing with BIM

Design Studio

BIM is clearly the production tool of the future for the architectural profession. But when is the best time to integrate BIM software into the conceptual design of a project? At Arrowstreet, it is becoming more and more clear the answer is “the sooner the better”. Arrowstreet architectural staff members such as Jason King, David Burn, Matt Rice, and others continue to demonstrate the advantages BIM provides with regards to being able to explore multiple design options quickly and produce images that are easy for clients, consultants, contractors, prospective tenants, and public officials to understand. This allows for a very fluid process, expediting design decisions and budget and cost analysis, as well as assisting in the leasing and marketing aspects of several projects…

Sea Glass Mural in the Globe

Photo by Ed Wonsek
Photo by Ed Wonsek

It was great to see our work profiled in yesterday’s Boston Globe. We completed this mural for our client, Pembroke Real Estate, a few years ago to invigorate their headquarters’ storefront windows along Atlantic Avenue. It’s nice to be reminded how it enlivens this stretch along the Greenway, even on the bleakest of days.

NSTAR Substation Graphics: Five Years Later

Insight Design

It’s always nice to revisit a project after some time has passed, and recently I took some time to go back to a project we worked on in the heart of Cambridge Research Park near Kendall Square. Back in April of 2005, NSTAR commissioned Arrowstreet to design a new electrical substation there. The City of Cambridge had a strong desire that the building facade offer something to the street environment, other than bricks. In order to give the building a strong streetscape identity and create some interest for pedestrians, we designed a series of permanent and durable graphic panels…

Battery Wharf Wind Chimes

Design Inspiration

One of the best kept secrets at the Battery Wharf Residences and Fairmont Hotel is the wind chimes inside the site directories. Arrowstreet was hired to provide a comprehensive wayfinding / signage program for the complex and these directories were always intended to play an important role. The idea for wind chimes came to us as we rushed to meet a client deadline for another City of Boston review presentation. We designed the directories with a nautical feel to complement the great design of the landscape environment provided by Halvorson Design Partnership of Boston…