60 Hampshire under Construction


Newly acquired as part of BioMed Realty Trust’s campus near Kendall Square, this former iron foundry was in need of a transformation to accommodate the demands of today’s office/lab tenants. Arrowstreet is restoring the historic building’s exterior to its previous luster and is upgrading its interior into a flexible space to suit a variety of tenants…

Yet another Tenant Space Completed


NGIN Workplace, located in 2 Cambridge Place in Kendall Square, is a shared incubator space for entrepreneurs, start-up companies, and telecommuting employees. BioMed Realty Trust, owner of the building, approached Arrowstreet to create a 15,600-sf turnkey space for this innovative tenant. Designed to exude NGIN’s brand and core mission, there are a variety of huddle zones for team collaboration, bump areas where members can casually interact, and flexible meeting rooms with movable partitions and flat screen monitors. Neighborhoods throughout the workspace are divided by clear partitions to allow each company to have its own dedicated space, yet still be

New Tenant Space at 2 Cambridge Place


As part of our ongoing work with BioMed Realty Trust, they asked us to create a 6,000-sf turnkey space for the high-tech company AdHarmonics at 2 Cambridge Place. With a vibrant color palette, the playful design expresses the company’s cutting-edge brand and culture. Attractive and ergonomic desks and furniture allow employees the flexibility to sit or stand when working. Various huddle spaces promote collaboration and teamwork, and a communal kitchen fosters camaraderie. This space is just one of several designs Arrowstreet has helped bring to life at 210 Broadway including the open and attractive lobby and outdoor courtyard.

Collaborative Environments: Past and Future


My son went to visit Battleship Cove in Fall River with his Boy Scout Troop and we all had a chance to spend the night on the USS Massachusetts. It was quite an adventure and a lot of fun to explore. As a “Navy Brat” myself, it brought back memories visiting the ship where my dad used to serve. He was a lithographer, and as part of his shop, there was a small drafting and design contingent. The group was particularly useful when needing to come up with a quick design for a repair, especially while out to sea on a Destroyer or Submarine Tender. Sketches and plans would then be conveyed to a foundry floating in the middle of the ocean…

New Lobby at 210 Broadway

Insight Design

As part of the work Bob had told you about and Mike had elaborated on, we also renovated BioMed’s entrance lobby at 210 Broadway. We had a dual purpose in this renovation: first, to reinforce the sense of openness and connection to the courtyard and outside; and second, to accommodate a number of unusual (and beautiful) art pieces. We chose modern, light-colored finishes to draw the eye to the dramatic sculptural pieces and paintings, which are part of a rotating exhibit from the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum. The tree silhouettes from the glass courtyard also continue into the space, visually linking the lobby and courtyard.

Dynamic Seating at the 210 Broadway Courtyard

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Last week Bob shared the story of creating the glass tree silhouettes for BioMed’s new courtyard at 210 Broadway; I wanted to point out another feature of this new space – namely, the seating. To continue the theme of a transition between indoor and outdoor space, we wanted to create seating that seemed to flow in a natural, fluid way up from the floor…

“Tree-Lined” Courtyard at 210 Broadway

Insight Design

I’m happy to share these new photos of the courtyard at 210 Broadway in Cambridge. Our client, BioMed Realty, asked us to update the courtyard and lobby of this building, recently acquired as part of their Kendall Square biotech portfolio. With the courtyard, we wanted to create a space that transitioned between “outside” and “inside”, making the building feel more open and adding dimension to the streetscape. After looking at a number of different options with the client, we settled on the concept adding glass panels that feature trees, calling to mind the shady, tree-lined streets of the surrounding Cambridge neighborhood…

Mount Equinox

Insight Design Inspiration

I took a vacation last year to a site with no easy way in or out: Mount Equinox‘s Skyline Drive holds the record for the longest paved private road at 5.2 miles. While it’s not open year round, the drive is a pretty amazing vantage for views of most of New England and the Adirondacks. It’s a pretty crazy drive, full of hairpin turns and mirrors to see what’s coming ahead of you. I always find my knuckles are white and my nerves higher than normal after driving down, and I can’t even imagine what that trip must have been

Workspaces to Reflect the Way We Work Today

Design Studio

It’s undeniable that people don’t work the same way today as they did ten years ago. Between our ever-expanding technological capabilities and the increasingly significant role of collaboration in the workplace, the office designs of ten years ago are simply becoming less and less supportive of today’s needs. What does this mean? It means that office and workstation design is shifting—cube farms and private offices are going by the wayside as companies favor open floor plans and benched or L-shaped workstations that foster employee communication…

Arrowstreet Moving to Post Office Square

Design Studio

Here is our press release on our upcoming move to PO Square! We are all excited about the new location, and plan to share more about what the new space will look like as plans develop…

New Photos of 101 Main


After working with BioMed for a number of years on several biotech buildings within their portfolio, they asked Arrowstreet to design the fit out of their new office space at 101 Main in Cambridge.  The offices have views of the Charles, Boston, and many buildings in their Kendall Square portfolio.  The space has a modern, open feel that embodies the development firm’s brand identity. A display wall spine curves through the office and features an interactive screen and pin-up displays of current projects.

It Starts With Light

Insight Design Inspiration
Kimball Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas
Kimball Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas

Recently, I had the chance to visit the Kimball Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. The little art museum by Louis Kahn is one of those master works we study in architecture school, learning by re-drawing its plan, section, and details. It seems simple. Six rows of barrel vaults with some space left out in the middle for a small exterior garden. Concrete, travertine marble, and some drywall. But what Kahn did with those few things! …

101 Main Street

Construction Inspiration

Arrowstreet recently designed Biomed’s new Cambridge offices. The 9,300 square foot space on the 16th floor at 101 Main St. features a display wall spine that curves through the space with interactive large screen and pin-up displays of current projects. The wall draws visitors past conference rooms that overlook Biomed projects in Boston and Cambridge. Other features include a central café bar, open and visually transparent work spaces, and exposed ceilings with acoustic treatment. The project was a great team effort, with construction by Moriarty.

Library Design at Fenway High School

Construction Inspiration

We’re currently working with Fenway High School to renovate an existing school building for their program, including a sizable library. This created a challenge for us, as the existing building layout is long and narrow, with a central hallway – not ideal for a library space. Our solution was to utilize the wide hallway to create a unique cross-corridor library with a central reading room and circulation spine…

Brooklyn Boulders Preview

Construction Inspiration

Arrowstreet is working on this super cool new climbing gym right here in Somerville. This video shows more of what’s to come.

Here is some more information on the gym, directly from our client, Brooklyn Boulders

Magic Beans at the Prudential Center


Arrowstreet has been helping Boston Properties with retail tenant coordination at the Shops at Prudential Center for years, so when Magic Beans signed a lease in the retail mecca in the heart of Boston’s Back Bay we were happy to assist them. Magic Beans is a locally-owned mom & pop store that sells toys, strollers, car seats, and baby gear. Their brand is upscale, their service is high-quality and attentive, and their store design needed to match who they are. The space we designed for them is colorful and easily accessible, with the merchandise areas coded by their branded colors. It’s packed with toys and gear, but spacious where needed for equipment testing. And to occupy the little ones while mom is settling the bill, a set up of figurines in a full landscape is built into the cabinetry underneath the check-out counter.

Waffles at Women’s Lunch Place, Redux

Insight People

Recently Arrowstreet hosted a Waffle Breakfast for the Women’s Lunch Place (WLP) at their newly renovated space in the basement of the Church of the Covenant. For some of us it was the first time to see the space since Arrowstreet completed renovations to the facility. Earlier this year we had hosted a similar Waffle Breakfast, and the difference was quite dramatic…

Women’s Lunch Place

Insight Inspiration

What a great way to start the week.  For the past nine months, many of us at Arrowstreet have been working very closely with the folks at the Women’s Lunch Place to renovate their current space, thereby improving the quality and comfort of guests’ visits…

A New Home for Congregation Shir Chadash


Arrowstreet is designing a permanent location for Shir Chadash’s growing reform Judaic congregation. The planned 14,000-square-foot building reflects the congregation’s strongly held beliefs in nature, sustainability, and social-justice, and is designed to meet the changing demands of the congregation.

Visiting Women’s
Lunch Place

Construction Studio

A few of us from the office got to visit the construction site of Women’s Lunch Place last week to learn more about the project as it unfolds. Mike Conlan and Scott Pollack had some great stories to share with us about the latest discoveries on the site…

A Renewed Home for Women’s Lunch Place

Rendering of proposed renovations to dining space
Rendering of proposed renovations to dining space

Arrowstreet is proud to have recently completed several renderings for a renovated and modernized space for the Women’s Lunch Place, Back Bay Boston’s only day shelter for homeless women. An article on the renovation appeared in the Boston Globe

Andover Inn Featured in Northshore Magazine

Design Studio
Andover Inn in the Northshore Magazine
Andover Inn in the Northshore Magazine

Our recent renovation of the Andover Inn at Phillips Academy was featured in Northshore magazine…

A New Look for the International Reykjavik Natura

Design Inspiration

Icelandair Hotels, as operator, and Reitir, as developer, requested Arrowstreet’s help to re-invent Reykjavik Natura (formerly Hotel Loftleidir)—a 220-room property located in the bustling city of Reykjavik, Iceland…

Andover Inn Opens

Construction Design

After two and half years of planning and construction, the Andover Inn re-opened after a complete renovation by Arrowstreet, working alongside Erland Construction in a design-build partnership. “It was important to the Academy that the Andover Inn’s historic architecture be preserved amid what was otherwise a top-to-bottom modernization project,” said Michael Williams, Phillips Academy’s director of facilities about the multi-million dollar renovation…