Visiting India, Part 3 of 3

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Srinagar, though only a 90-minute flight from sweltering Delhi, was a place apart. Surrounded by tall mountains and dominated by a beautiful lake, it was forty degrees cooler. We sat by a warm fire in our host’s home the evening I arrived. It seemed more like New England than India…

Visiting India, Part 2 of 3

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One of the initial and lasting impressions of urban India involved the mixed-modes of transportation one encounters on the roadways. In general, the typical three-lane road seemed to function in reality with five lanes flowing smoothly amid a cacophony of horns that signaled the intentions of drivers more effectively than blinking directionals…

Visiting India, Part 1 of 3

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Arrowstreet sent me to India earlier this year to rekindle ties with a colleague. Saurabh Bagley & Associates (SMBA) is a firm in New Delhi doing a significant volume of work. Mr. Bagley had worked at Arrowstreet during his time as a graduate student at MIT. After his return to India, Arrowstreet teamed up with SMBA on a few commercial projects, but we hadn’t had a chance to work together in a few years. So, I went to meet with Saurabh and see his firm’s work, prospective clients and a country about which I knew little. The impressions I was left with were, in general…

Scala Shopping Center

Insight Design

Arrowstreet designed a new shopping center in the Cumbayá district of Quito. Scala consists over 170 shops and restaurants wrapped around a beautiful open-air plaza, effectively turning the mall “inside out” to create a vibrant, active shopping experience. High-end finishes and details appeal to both sought-after tenants and visitors. As part of the development’s commitment to sustainability, the shopping center features an energy-saving passive ventilation system and over 90,000 square feet of vertical gardens.

Designed in partnership with local architect Marco Coello.

New Photography for Reykjavik Natura


We recently received new photos of the beautiful Reykjavik Natura hotel, which just re-opened this June after renovations…

Traveling in Jeddah


In December I went with Rasem Badran of Jordan to meet with a prospective client in Jeddah. The client, who is developing a new retail and mixed-use town center in Medinah, short-listed two finalists to come for an interview and charrette. Rasem has international stature for his work in restoring and building new construction in areas of Islamic heritage, and Arrowstreet has done several projects with his firm. While I was there, I snapped these photos of historic structures in old Jeddah.

A Taste of Summer: Limoncello


This past winter I worked on a mixed use retail project, Il Mandarin, located in Sant’Agata li Battiati, on Sicily in Italy.  The currently vacant site for the project was once used as an orchard, and still has hints of its past:  lemon trees and the remains of a stone aqueduct. The project location motivated me to create something that captured the charm and character of this place, inspiring me to experiment with making my own limoncello

Icelandic Project Tour


While in Reykjavík recently, I took some time to visit several projects that Arrowstreet has been involved with over the last few years.  I visited Kaptun, a shopping center outside of the city with a 30,000-square-foot green roof, which was part of Arrowstreet’s master plan for Urriðaholt.  Then I toured the Icelandic Institute of Natural History, for which Arrowstreet led the sustainability design effort…

Reykjavik Natura


The Reykjavik Natura, formerly the Hotel Loftleidir, re-opened on June 9th with a gala reception, featuring circus performers and Icelandic delicacies, which I was able to attend during a recent trip to Iceland…

Icelandic Institute of Natural History

Construction Design

Arrowstreet, as part of an international design team, created a sustainable master plan for a mixed-use community on a spectacular hilltop site in Garðabær outside of Reykjavik. The Icelandic Institute of Natural History was the first office/lab building to be built in the project, and is already getting noticed around the world for both its beautiful design and its sustainability features. Arrowstreet served as design consultants to the architect-of-record, Icelandic firm ARKIS, and led the sustainability effort…

Abu Dhabi Project Underway

Insight Construction Design

Progress is being made on a major Abu Dhabi project – these photos depict how Shams Abu Dhabi is taking shape. Arrowstreet was part of an international team of designers to create this major waterfront development…